Episode 06- In The Midst of Life

It’s time for another sojourn into the world of Daredevil, as the Man Without Fear heads to… Vermont?!?!

That’s right. Hornhead is seeking Karen Page, but instead has found Death’s Head, a villain with ties to Karen Page’s childhood.

But, despite the horror movie vibe in the land of maple, don’t discount this issue, because Matt makes a stunning revelation to Karen.

That’s right, this issue has the moment that will one day lead to Daredevil’s ruin, because he tells his lady love that he is Daredevil.

But, how can that be? Matt Murdock is dead, thanks to a plane crash. Never count the Man Without Fear out, as he always finds a way.

And, an even bigger shock to listeners of the show— DAVE SIDES WITH KAREN PAGE.

That’s right. You read that- Dave sides with Karen, the vapid one. Why? Download and find out, folks.


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