Episode 96: Dave Does Back to the Future 04- I, Emmett

Dave is diving back into the Back to the Future saga with a close look at our beloved Doc Brown.

Dave takes a peek at a classic episode of Back to the Future the Animated Series, showing us a loose idea of what Emmet’s childhood could have been like, at least in cartoon form.

Then, It’s a trip into the Telltale games Back to the Future storyline to see who Emmett was as a young man in 1931, and the moments that inspired his career in science.

Finally, Dave cracks open the IDW Back to the Future comic to see a key moment in Doc’s life, and a turning point that would lead Doc to spend three decades building a time machine. What is it that Doc is trying to atone for?

This question (and more) will be answered, as Dave takes you Back to the Future.


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