Dave's Daredevil Podcast

The Podcast Without Fear

Episode 112- The Widow’s Bite

The Black Widow has been poisoned by The Hand, and she is seeking out her former lover, Daredevil, in a desperate attempt to save her life.

But, Daredevil is spending all of his time in a sensory deprivation tank, trying to get his senses back under his control.

To make matters worse, The Hand have resurrected the killing machine known as Kirigi, and he is gunning for Daredevil’s mentor, Stick.


Episode 111- Overkill

Daredevil’s senses are on overload, which sends him on a search for the one man who can help him get things back under control- his mentor, Stick.

But, The Man Without Fear ends up bar-hopping while the Black Widow enters the picture, coming into conflict with The Hand, and potentially paying the ultimate price.

A war is brewing, and Daredevil is about to be drafted, whether he wants it or not, as Dave covers Daredevil #187.


Episode109- Guts

This time out, Foggy Nelson takes center stage, as he investigates the shady dealings at Heather Glenn’s company, and gets in way over his head.

From several offices, to the waterfront of New York, and into the very underworld, Foggy seeks answers to the secrets of Atreus Plastics.

But, when his path puts him face to face with The Kingpin, will even Daredevil be able to save his best friend? Find out as Dave looks at Daredevil #185.


Episode 108- Good Guys Wear Red

It began with a young girl’s death, and it comes down to a young boy’s soul, as Daredevil and The Punisher come into conflict once again.

Matt Murdock is defending a man accused of murder, who seems to be innocent. But, looks can be deceiving and Frank Miller takes us through some twists.

But, in the end, can Daredevil convince a misguided youth that the system works, or will the boy turn to The Punisher’s lethal methods. Find out as Dave covers Daredevil #184.